Charities Where Children Can Get Involved

We live in a world that is often self-absorbed. If you have a child, it is easy to see that his natural tendency is to focus on himself. One of the best things that we can teach our children is how to give abundantly to others.
Thankfully, you can teach your children to give even in tough economic times. Giving your time is just as important as giving money. You can get your children involved at charities that are important to you. You can also work with your kids to find ways for them to volunteer for causes that they care about.
Even young children can understand that every person needs adequate food and water. Make this concept real to your kids by going together to buy food for your local food pantry. Older children can even go with you to a soup kitchen to help feed meals to the less fortunate.
Many children also have a natural love for animals. Animals at shelter need love and affection. Even if you cannot adopt a pet, volunteer to take your child to play with the animals. You can also pick up pet food, medications and other supplies to drop off at the center.You thought this was good? Brace yourself: Program provides food stamps for pets

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