How to tell the difference between genuine and fake raw materials for medical trials


It is incredibly essential to buy high-quality raw materials for medical trials. Medical trials are conducted to test the effect of new medicine. They show results that define the future of a new medication – whether it will be used or not. That is why it is so crucial to test drugs and medication using only high-quality raw materials.

Even though the international market provides opportunities, numerous companies and laboratories face a huge problem- fake raw materials. Selling fake materials is illegal and companies selling fake products have become rather elaborate to make them good as genuine as possible. They have learned to produce materials that you can hardly distinguish from genuine ones. The World Health Organization states that fake materials have become a huge international problem on the market. Many companies lose money because they purchase counterfeit products unconsciously.

Fake vs genuine raw materials

Despite how good a fake product is, it is possible to tell the difference. There are obvious signs that might help you distinguish the quality of materials.

  • Price. When searching for a good price, companies forget that it is impossible to purchase excellent quality materials for nothing. This is not where you should cut the budget because in the end, you can lose much more. If you have received an offer and the price is very low or much lower than it can be, be careful. You might buy counterfeit materials.  
  • Certificates of quality. When buying raw materials from new suppliers, make sure they are authorized and sell high-quality materials. Ask the company to send you documents that confirm their business activities. Companies are also recommended to check certificates of particular materials. Check trademark and labeling. Only super professional counterfeits will look as alike as possible, but most fake sellers do not bother to produce the same labeling.
  • Reputation. Buy from reputable companies that provide services to international companies and laboratories around the world. This is usually not strictly confidential information and you can find out the names of top companies selling pharmaceutical raw materials. Select companies that have already proven to be reliable and sell only genuine products. Materials sold by such firms always undergo a thorough check.
  • Physical state and appearance. Experts working with pharmaceutical raw materials on a regular basis can distinguish genuine products from counterfeit. At least they will understand that something is wrong with the product. Fake materials might have a little different state and appearance. Before making a huge order, check certificates and the product itself. If you have any doubts regarding the quality of raw materials, it is better not to buy them.

Counterfeit pharmaceutical materials can lead to tremendous problems as their ultimate customer is a patient. Companies purchasing raw materials should select only reputable suppliers to ensure correct results of medical trials.

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